UPDATE: Apple Bucket Donation 2022

The final tally on the “Little Apple Bucket” this year was $247!!!!! We matched the final number for a total donation of $500!!!!!! These types of donations help local community members get through some tough times! Thank you to all the donations this year! Gods Lifeline thanks you!!! They are always looking for donations of items for their shop as well as monetary donations. (Sorry, I posted this a few weeks ago on FB but forgot to post on our website until now).

See you next season!

Just want to say a huge thank you for a wonderful 2022 season! Once again we are so very blessed to have all of you as part of our business family. We appreciate all of your support, conversations, business and advice! We are already making land for next year and can’t wait to see you all!!!!! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!!!! Next up…..the final tally on “The Little Apple Bucket”!!!!!

End of Season coming…

It’s official. Last day will be this coming Saturday, November 12. We have cider stocked in the fridge so that you can stock your freezer or finish off stocking your freezers.


🍎EVERCRISP (plenty) -great keeper! Sweet Parents:Fuji & Honeycrisp

🍎PINK LADY (limited qty) – Tart and flavorful!

We finally have our confident baking opinion. Both apples have our stamp of approval for baking. Sent some home with a friend & customer to test them out. She made a pie and was delicious. Evercrisp hold their shape, but not crisp or crunchy. Pink Lady does the same, but cooks down a little bit more (but not much)! So let the thanksgiving prep begin!!!

Season Update

The end of our 2022 Apple Season is getting close. Our guesstimate last day is NEXT Saturday, November 12. Be sure to get your freezer supply of cider and apples for your Thanksgiving festivities!

Current Apple Varieties
🍎Fuji (limited supply)
🍎Pink Lady
🍎Cortland (Limited Supply)

“Keep the Change” Apple Bucket

Let me tell you the story of our little APPLE BUCKET that so many of you have contributed to these past 9 years. When we reopened our business in 2013 we had several gratful supporters that said “keep the change”. We didn’t feel right just keeping it and put it aside in a separate jar. As a family we decided the best use would be to give back to the same community that has supported our adventure.

At the end of our season the LITTLE BUCKET MONEY is tallied. We then add to the final amount by either round up or double and add a donated to Gods Lifeline in Mt. Victory every year which is around Christmas.

If you don’t know what Gods Lifeline is, this is a thrift store/food pantry located on Main Street that services local families that need a little extra help. The donation we give keeps getting bigger every year. So thank you for helping us support this fabulous organization. We love you all!!!

Apples, Peaches & Pears (and cider), Oh my!

We are in full swing. Busy day yesterday, but we finally got the shelves restocked with new varities to go along with our CIDER! We have the early Fuji out as well as the Jonathan.

🍑 Encore Peaches: Locally Grown at Bokes Creek Orchard. It’s yellow, freestone peach. Stocked hopefully through the weekend.

🍐Gem Pears. Deliciously sweet pear grown right here at the orchard. Limited supply.